One Invitation.

Now, i have 1 invitation of Following others (Matt, Pujiono, etc), I’ll give it so someone. The rule is still the same and simple. Just write comment on this post about what would you do with your account or write posting about that in your main blog and don’t forget to ping or trackback me, so I could check your post. I’ll post the winner on 28 Sept 2005 12:00 (UTC+7). And of course, if you got it, please do the same thing :).


4 Responses

  1. Pipit:

    This is my website & blog link to your blog:

    I would say that my interests are pretty much represented with the blog up there.

    I’m looking for ticket distributions :-)))

  2. kaka pipit koq aq baru baca ini. basbang deh aku. btw invitationnya masih berlaku kah?

  3. To : basbang.

    Wah maap dede, sudah dikasih ke Andrew tuh…
    Maap ya ….


    pipit’s Blog &ra…

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