What happen when i’m offline ?

Bad News :

  • Price of refined fuel oil (BBM) increase
  • Premium from Rp 2400 up to Rp 4500 (87,5%)
  • Solar from Rp 2100 up to Rp Rp 4300 (104,7%)
  • Minyak tanah from Rp 700 up to Rp 2000 (185,7%)
  • Bom Bali II (1 Oktober 2005) three bombs exploded at jimbaran and kuta square.
  • My Sunday news paper not complete, i just receive the additional.
  • My mail box is full, some mailing list bounce 😦

God News

  • My boy WAS BORN :)))

  • My GSM provider make the roaming fee free.
  • Yogya Depst Store give 5% discount, cause they celebrate their anniversary. I just realize after i pay it.
  • Buy esia starter pack, so phone to Jakarta (esia too) just Rp. 50 / minute.

I’ll post more info later… asap I have rest enough after the several day ago.


5 Responses

  1. To answer your question, the internet stops.

  2. “My GSM provider make the roaming fee free. ”

    Has roaming become cheaper? What country (home/visited?) cos roaming costs a fortune everywhere else!

  3. mikey : lol
    donal : I though they will make the roaming free, but not for overseas, just in my country. I’m in Indonesia. And use Matrix (Indosat).

  4. lho…bukannya ProXL ndak ada roaming, mbak?

  5. Armand : Saya Bapak lho 🙂
    Dan saya tidak pakai ProXL. Saya pakai Matrix dari Indosat.

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