Spam @

Today, I saw that my blog got 1 spam.

(You can check yours via Manage – Spam menu)

What i learn from that menu :
1. It filter by some[thing|one] named Akismet.
2. Spam is automattically deleted after 15 days

BUT, If i didn’t saw it, will it deleted after 15 days ? It should appear on my dashboard, so i can quickly mark is spam/not.

But honestly, i don’t know why Pujiono is mark as spam. He is NoT spammer.


3 Responses

  1. Mungkin gara2 ngasih link lebih dari 2
    Lihat di bagian Option – Discussion – Comment Moderation
    (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks)

  2. It IS on the dashboard, in the grey box at the bottom.

  3. Matt : Yes, i see it, but need more info.

    At the moment, it said :
    || Spam
    || Akismet has protected your site from 8 spam comments.

    Actualy 7 has been set not spam, and just 1 waiting approvment.
    Perhaps it’s better if it become :
    || Akismet has protected your site from 7 spam comments.
    || And XX comment located on your not spam approval.

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