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Playboy.com Introduces Playboy Bodcasts

Hem, it look like size doesn’t matter for them.

Playboy.com joins in the podcasting frenzy with its all new Playboy Bodcast. Targeted at the new iPod with video, consumers can download and take with them their daily dose of the bodcasts.

The Playboy Bodcast feature will be updated every weekday featuring one of the following videos

  • Joke of the Day — no one delivers a joke better than a Playboy model
  • Ask Hef Anything — wit and wisdom from Mr. Playboy
  • From the Mouths of Babes — video advice from Playboy’s sexy Cyber Girls

They will send url of the bodcast to YOUR email. DON’T ASK ME about that!

Source : http://www.mobilewhack.com

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  1. I have a little doubt..
    How did you get the Technorati Tags? I don’t seem to find them in my dashboard, when I write a post. Plz tell me how to add it. Thanks.

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