Installing Linux on Treo and Lifedrive

Have Palm Treo 650 or Palm LifeDrive ?
If you want, you can install linux on them (even Treo just boot at this moment).

Installing linux on Treo 650

Mastracci says his Treo Linux port should ultimately be able to control both the GSM and CDMA radios in the Treo, meaning that phone and Internet access functions may still be usable under Linux. The Linux firmware currently loads in memory, and uses an SD card for storage, making it possible to easily revert to the phone’s native Palm OS after hacking sessions.

Installing linux on LifeDrive.

Alex Osborne’s LifeDrive project appears to be further along, with a full graphical QPE environment successfully ported to the device, and about half of the device’s peripherals operational

Check also the wiki of Treo 650 and LifeDrive @

source : – Penguinistas power Palm PDA, phone

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  1. bis akasih tahu caranya gak? atau sourcenya ada dimana? yang ada disitu pada kagak ada bisa yang di download

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