How many hits you need to be included on the’s Top List ?

Once my blog ever listed on “Fastest Growing” and “top list” of’s blog. I though it relate to my posting about computer virus (brontok).
I ever ask the good peoples behind, about the stats of them, but never get the info. (they have to keep the secret, right)

But I assume if it’s because the hists.

So, do you ever want to know about the top list blog hits ?
I have collect the list for the last 30 days, from 11 Jan until 9 Feb. (Don’t ask/mail me how!!!)
Here are the last several days hit of today’s top list :

  05/02     06/02     07/02       08/02      09/02
10.232     13.466   10.031     13.049       2.957
    922     28.067   14.069     10.908       1.500
    581       1.195        962       6.880	      364
 2.662       3.150     2.128       2.808	      324
 3.124       3.003     3.221       3.356	      514
 1.379       1.466     1.674       1.911	      468
 1.705       3.209     3.843       2.560	      335
        2       1.022        985       1.276           63
 2.055       1.937     1.768       2.418	      107
 1.255       1.458     1.233       1.096	      248

(nb : Sorry for the ugle table. The code tag not work well 😦 )

Want to become #1 ?
From the every blog’s max hits, highest hit is 28.067 and the lowest is 6.041.

But just for included on the top list, I guess you need more than 1.000 hits. For safety about 2.000 until 3.000 (with current condition).

But you can do that too. Like Scobleizer said at his posting Atariboy is WordPress’ hot blog today (you see, from 922 jump to 28.067, leave Scobleizer’s at 13.466) :

But, just proves that you can come out of nowhere to become #1 in this blogging world.

Also other one sample is torque jump from 2 to 1.022 (I though cause his/her posting related with Denmark boycout)

Hope this info can help you to get in the list 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Hi there! Nice job finding those numbers. You shouldn’t be able to do that anymore. Anyway, they aren’t the numbers that determine the ranking lists. Sorry! 🙂

    In the future, I and your neighbors here on would appreciate it if you would notify the site admins via the feedback form when you find something you believe to be private data, rather than publicizing it. Thanks!

  2. Look at under your footer (open up your xhtml code and notive a script below your div footer).

    I think, that smiley face is responsible for any stats in this mu.wordpress environment.

  3. Yes, it is. Cute, isn’t it?

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