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Indonesia’s Internet Connection Down

From Enda’s Blog :

Asian Internet Access Disrupted!:
due to Taiwan Earthquake (Tue 1226 GMT), undersea cables damaged: (Six) submarine cables are not working due to the earthquake near Taiwan.. Confirmed that Internet connection is disrupted in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand. Users can’t browse international sites (or really slow), Google and Yahoo are both inaccessible. In Thailand connection are up and down. This must be what end of days feels like 😀

It’s mean :
No posting and comment (and others internet activity) from/to Indonesia, until it fixed or we get alternate connection 😦

Update : Not all connection down. Some A few of us still can connect.

7 Responses

  1. Yang jelas mah YM udah bisa di pastikan tidak bisa -from my home Internet Cable Conection-



  2. YM bisa kok pagi tadi. Ya tergantung jalurnya juga dan ISP-nya. Sudah jalan belum back-up connectionnya

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  4. Baru kerasa, ternyata tanpa internet hidup jadi rada sepi

  5. bandung koneksi speedy gmn?? qo lemot bgt ya?? apa ada hubungan nya dgn banjior?

  6. kalau lagi nggak ada jaringan beteeeeeeeeee buangetttttttt

  7. hai ada yang nau jadi temen aku nggak??
    chamim.maezun@yahoo.co.id hehehe kalai ajah ada yang mau…
    gw di jakarta hahahaha
    makasih yach..

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