Ubuntu 7.04 release

Walau terlambat, gak apa-apa kan?

Distro yang satu ini memang fenomenal. Liat saja komentar dari Distrowatch ini.

“DistroWatch itself saw unprecedented levels of traffic on the day of the Ubuntu 7.04 release. Our main index page received more than 140,000 views in the 24-hour period (from midnight to midnight UCT) on Thursday, which is about 40% more than it would get on an ordinary working day. The Ubuntu page was accessed more than 22,000 times within the first two days after the release (contrast that with Mandriva Linux, whose page only received 6,700 visits within the first two days after the release of 2007.1 earlier in the week). Even Ubuntu developers were astonished by the sheer amount of interest in the new release: Melissa Draper reported that more than 1,500 users were logged in to the main Ubuntu IRC channel on the day of release, while Kevin Kubasik was amazed to see almost 4,000 people seeding the CD image on the BitTorrent network the next day.”

Ayo download , atau pesan via layanan gratis shipit atau melalui para penyedia DVD Ubuntu di Indonesia.


Ikuti juga kegiatan Feisty Fawn Release Party di Jogya, Bandung (sayang, bentrok dengan acara lain euy 😦 ).


2 Responses

  1. saya belum bisa setting jaringan pada linux ubuntu.
    tolong dikasi instruksi.

  2. I’m sorry…!!!
    I don’t understanding about Linux Ubuntu. so I hope U can give me an instruction. Thank’s….

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