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Brontok Remover on *NIX

If you have *nix machine, and want to remove brontok virus on sharing MS windows media,
check the perl script by AK, here and by Reza, here.

!!! Please don’t try the script if you don’t know what will you do !!!

Waspada virus W32.Blackmal.E@mm tanggal 3 Feb.

Buat yang belum tahu, waspadalah terhadap virus ini.
Karena setiap tanggal 3 setiap bulannya, dia akan MENGHAPUS beberapa jenis file2 data kita.
Dia akan MENIMPA file2 itu dengan text “DATA Error (47 0F 94 93F4 K5)”. Virus ini dikenal juga dengan : W32/Nyxem-D (Sophos), WORM_GREW.A (Trend), W32/Small.KL@mm (hati-hati juga terhadap kamasutra.exe).

When the worm is executed on the 3rd day of every month, it will destroy all files with the following extensions by overwriting the file:

Segeralah update database antivirus Anda!

Info virus lebih lanjut.
Download Virus removal

Links For Update Your Antivirus

As a new virus (on computer terms) appear, your antivirus program must know that one.
So basically, there are two update for your antivirus :
1. Update the engine (antivirus program).
2. Update the database of virus.

Some antivirus offering option to download/update online via internet.
But how if you have many computer to proses ?
Some provide an offline update files. Which you can copy/transfer and run on the other computer.

Here the list of link for download (offline prefered) update your antivirus.
If you have other antivirus, please put it on the comment.
NOTE , some will need your login/password/registration info.

AVG / Grisoft :
AVG Updates and Free version (free version)

Norton / Symantec :
(beware the i-32 and x-86 version)

McAfee :
!!! Do not download these updates if you are a subscriber of McAfee VirusScan or McAfee Personal Firewall.
(Do no why they put it)
Some said the new one, just update online.

Kaspersky :
Select a site form : http://www.kaspersky.com/faq?chapter=170709150&qid=173662659

More info :

Fprot :
Check also :
F-PROT for DOS Info

Clamav :
/usr/local/bin/freshclam –quiet -l /var/log/clam-update.log
Copy the data files to other pc.

Antivir / Free-av :

Avast! :

Platinum / Panda :

Norman : must online (?)

26/01/2007 update :

Tequilla_boyz point to