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Bandung Feisty Release Party

Untuk merayakan rilis terbaru Ubuntu 7.04 (Codename : Feisty Fawn), maka kami dari komunitas Ubuntu Indonesia wilayah Bandung mengundang para pengguna Ubuntu, pengguna Linux dan FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) dan tentu saja siapapun yang ingin tahu atau tertarik untuk menggunakan Ubuntu Linux ke acara Feisty Release Party ini.

Acara Bandung Feisty Release Party akan diadakan pada:
Tanggal : Sabtu, 28 April 2007
Tempat : CommonRoom (Tobucil), Jl. Kyai Gede Utama No. 8 Bandung
Waktu : 10.00 – 14.30 WIB

Info lengkap dan peta bisa dilihat disini.

Kalau mau terlibat, berpartisipasilah dimilis klab-linux-bandung ini.

Sayang, kayaknya saya sendiri gak bisa hadir. Acara yang satu lagi saja belum tentu hadir. 😦

Ubuntu 7.04 release

Walau terlambat, gak apa-apa kan?

Distro yang satu ini memang fenomenal. Liat saja komentar dari Distrowatch ini.

“DistroWatch itself saw unprecedented levels of traffic on the day of the Ubuntu 7.04 release. Our main index page received more than 140,000 views in the 24-hour period (from midnight to midnight UCT) on Thursday, which is about 40% more than it would get on an ordinary working day. The Ubuntu page was accessed more than 22,000 times within the first two days after the release (contrast that with Mandriva Linux, whose page only received 6,700 visits within the first two days after the release of 2007.1 earlier in the week). Even Ubuntu developers were astonished by the sheer amount of interest in the new release: Melissa Draper reported that more than 1,500 users were logged in to the main Ubuntu IRC channel on the day of release, while Kevin Kubasik was amazed to see almost 4,000 people seeding the CD image on the BitTorrent network the next day.”

Ayo download , atau pesan via layanan gratis shipit atau melalui para penyedia DVD Ubuntu di Indonesia.


Ikuti juga kegiatan Feisty Fawn Release Party di Jogya, Bandung (sayang, bentrok dengan acara lain euy 😦 ).

Switching art students to GNU/Linux

Who said linux is not for artist ? Read what Professor Gurdy Leete did on Department of Art and Design at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

Check also his other web page. Nice to see linux used by artist :).

…I found that Photoshop and the other proprietary software packages we had been using for years generally had more polished interfaces and more advanced features than the free software we chose. But the free software had more than enough of the core capabilities we needed in my classes, and also often featured desirable capabilities missing in the proprietary software.

The switch saved thousands of dollars in software upgrades. As a result I was able to dramatically lower the lab fee for each class, and require instead that the students purchase additional textbooks. These textbooks enriched the class experience, yet the overall cost to each student was significantly less, which they appreciated. …

Source : newsforge.com.

Fedora Core 5 (maybe) Released

People talked about Fedora Core 5 released. But no info on the official site.

Perhaps some issue related with non GPL kernel module ?

Many Fedora users are anxiously waiting for the Fedora Core 5 release, scheduled for Monday, March 20. Be warned that some of you may have to wait a little longer, however: the kernel shipped with FC5 effectively disallows the loading of any non-GPL modules. That behavior was a mistake, and a fix has already been made, but it is too late to get that fix into the initial FC5 release. So binary module users will want to wait until the first errata kernel is released (a few days, at most) before upgrading.

Here some info about the iso :
From http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=98805
(bussy at these time !!!)
Other iso file name : FC-5-i386-disc1.iso, FC-5-i386-disc2.iso, FC-5-i386-disc3.iso, FC-5-i386-disc4.iso, FC-5-i386-disc5.iso, FC-5-i386-rescuecd.iso.
(check the torrent 😛 )

Check also :
OSDir.com – Screenshots of Fedora Core 5
Linux.com – First look: Fedora Core 5

Gael Duval Fired From Mandriva

Gael Duval, creator of Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva Linux), has been fired from the company. The information leaked on the Mandriva forums, and Duval later confirmed it on his own webpage. He says: “Since the information has leaked, I will post a message in the next few days on this website about why this is the end of the Mandriva story for me, and what’s next.” Since Mandrake was for many the first distribution they ever tried, I think it is only fair to thank him for creating Mandrake, and to wish him the best of luck in any following endeavours.

Source : http://osnews.com/

Hem, what’s happen with Mandriva ?

Gentoo Linux 2006.0

Gentoo linux release their 2006.0 version.
Grab it from the mirror or via torrents.

More info : 2006.0 Release Information

Update : check also the OSDir’s Gentoo Linux 2006.0 Screenshot Walk-Through

Installing Linux on Treo and Lifedrive

Have Palm Treo 650 or Palm LifeDrive ?
If you want, you can install linux on them (even Treo just boot at this moment).

Installing linux on Treo 650

Mastracci says his Treo Linux port should ultimately be able to control both the GSM and CDMA radios in the Treo, meaning that phone and Internet access functions may still be usable under Linux. The Linux firmware currently loads in memory, and uses an SD card for storage, making it possible to easily revert to the phone’s native Palm OS after hacking sessions.

Installing linux on LifeDrive.

Alex Osborne’s LifeDrive project appears to be further along, with a full graphical QPE environment successfully ported to the device, and about half of the device’s peripherals operational

Check also the wiki of Treo 650 and LifeDrive @ www.handhelds.org

source : linuxdevices.com – Penguinistas power Palm PDA, phone

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Memilih linux karena ikut-ikutan?

Membaca berita (Detik : Hasil Survei OSDL – Linux Dipilih Karena Ikut-Ikutan Pesaing), membangkitkan sedikit rasa penasaran.
Untung saja sebelumnya sempat membaca sumber aslinya : OSDL : OSDL shares Desktop Linux survey results.

We found the top two results to be intriguing in that conventional wisdom suggests that Linux is initially adopted as a developer tool (user demand) but is generally not viewed as a competitive issue. We feel that this represents a unique cultural shift within
organizations to stay aggressive in analyzing and deploying open source software and to not be left behind.
We also found it interesting that TCO and the reduction of licensing costs, which are more economic than technical benefits ranked higher than security. One explanation based on the write-in essays appears to be that security is not considered an issue with Linux and herefore TCO and licensing costs are areas of positive gain, whereas security has already reached a baseline plateau.

Pada pertanyaaan survei, pilihan ke 8 dari pertanyaan bernomor 15 adalah :

8. My competitors have successfully deployed Linux

Yang menjadi penasaran adalah penerjemahan dengan memakai kata “ikut-ikutan”. Mengapa tidak “mengikuti jejak para pesaing yang sudah berhasil mempergunakan (atau mengimplementasikan) linux” ?

Info dari Polisi EYD : Menurut KBBI, “ikut-ikutan” berarti “mengikut saja (pikiran,perbuatan, dsb) orang lain (tanpa kesadaran atau keinsyafan).”

Bukankah mereka menyadari, bahwa banyak kompetitor yang telah dengan sukses mempergunakan linux, menghilangkan keragu-raguan yang mereka miliki ?

Jadi kalau ikut definisi KBBI, maka memilih linux hanya sekedar ikut-ikutan saja. Apakah demikian ? Bagaimana dengan Anda ? Apakah memilih linux hanya ikut-ikutan saja ? Trend sesaat (TM) ? 😛

(Hasil survei bisa didownload disini)

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Open Office 2.0

Finally, the Open Office 2.0 released.
Download it.
It’s very very nice to use it.

Here the features and Press Information.

At this moment, the main site is look like get slashdot effect.

Source : /.

Picotux – Smallest Linux Computer in The World

The Smallest Webserver?

Here you can find the specs.

Source : http://techabsorbed.com