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3G @ wordpress.com

3G disini bukan soal Kecepatan koneksi, yang sedang booming di Indonesia.

Tapi adalah besar ukuran tempat.

WordPress.com sekarang memberikan tempat penyimpanan gratis sebesar 3Giga untuk menyimpan blog kita.

Ini berarti 60x lipat dari kapasitas standar sebelumnya (50mb).

Terima kasih WordPress.com πŸ™‚

Sumber : postingan Thomas (orangescale.net)


Indonesia di BOTD-nya wordpress.com

Tadi sempat baca blognya Andy Skelton tentang penambahan fasilitas baru di BOTD (Blogs Of The Day)-nya wordpress.com. Yaitu dengan menambahkan filter bahasa.

Jadi bagi yang ingin fokus ke blog2 Indonesia, bisa mudah mendapatkan blog yang sedang populer (tentunya hanya yang dihosting diwordpress.com)

Ayo, naikkan page-viewnya. Tadi lihat sih lihat Indonesia peringkat ke 11 dari 66 bahasa, dan sudah ada 81 blog disana :).

Tapi kok bandung.wordpress.com dan blog saya (belum) masuk ya …. ?

Buat yang punya blog diwordpress.com, coba ke menu “Options – General – Language”, lalu pilh Indonesia.

Btw, ini bukan menggalang kekuatan lho … πŸ˜›

How many hits you need to be included on the wordpress.com’s Top List ?

Once my blog ever listed on “Fastest Growing” and “top list” of wordpress.com’s blog. I though it relate to my posting about computer virus (brontok).
I ever ask the good peoples behind wordpress.com, about the stats of them, but never get the info. (they have to keep the secret, right)

But I assume if it’s because the hists.

So, do you ever want to know about the top list blog hits ?
I have collect the list for the last 30 days, from 11 Jan until 9 Feb. (Don’t ask/mail me how!!!)
Here are the last several days hit of today’s top list :

  05/02     06/02     07/02       08/02      09/02
10.232     13.466   10.031     13.049       2.957
    922     28.067   14.069     10.908       1.500
    581       1.195        962       6.880	      364
 2.662       3.150     2.128       2.808	      324
 3.124       3.003     3.221       3.356	      514
 1.379       1.466     1.674       1.911	      468
 1.705       3.209     3.843       2.560	      335
        2       1.022        985       1.276           63
 2.055       1.937     1.768       2.418	      107
 1.255       1.458     1.233       1.096	      248

(nb : Sorry for the ugle table. The code tag not work well 😦 )

Want to become #1 ?
From the every blog’s max hits, highest hit is 28.067 and the lowest is 6.041.

But just for included on the top list, I guess you need more than 1.000 hits. For safety about 2.000 until 3.000 (with current condition).

But you can do that too. Like Scobleizer said at his posting Atariboy is WordPress’ hot blog today (you see, from 922 jump to 28.067, leave Scobleizer’s at 13.466) :

But, just proves that you can come out of nowhere to become #1 in this blogging world.

Also other one sample is torque jump from 2 to 1.022 (I though cause his/her posting related with Denmark boycout)

Hope this info can help you to get in the list πŸ™‚

WordPress 2.0.1 Released

WordPress Development Blog just announced that the 2.0.1 release of WordPress is now available.

Download it now!

They closed 114 bugs in the 2.0.1 release, Here is a summary:
* You can now specify an upload directory, and whether to use date-based storage or not.
* Caching has been fixed under certain PHP enviroments.
* Permalinks have been fixed for weird enviroments as well.
* XML-RPC uploading works.
* Compatibility with older versions of PHP.
* Several WYSIWYG fixes and cleanups.
* Imports now use much less memory.
* Now works with MySQL 5.0 in strict mode.

New Theme @ wordpress.com

It’s me, who just know 4 new theme at wordpress.com ? Or they put it ?

Today, i found these theme.

  • Neat! 0.01
  • Pool 1.0.7
  • Regulus 1
  • Toni 1.0

So, change your theme.
Meanwhile, we are waiting upgrade level, which allow us to customize our blog theme same as this famous man’s blog.

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Spam @ pipit.wordpress.com

Today, I saw that my blog got 1 spam.

(You can check yours via Manage – Spam menu)

What i learn from that menu :
1. It filter by some[thing|one] named Akismet.
2. Spam is automattically deleted after 15 days

BUT, If i didn’t saw it, will it deleted after 15 days ? It should appear on my dashboard, so i can quickly mark is spam/not.

But honestly, i don’t know why Pujiono is mark as spam. He is NoT spammer.

Winner of my second wp.com invitation

As I promise on my post before, i will give 1 wp.com invitation.
The winner is Achmadi. Because he choosed 22, and i choosed 28 before (FYI, 28 is the day of my boy born πŸ™‚ ).

I emailed him. Happy blogging @ wordpress.com Achmadi.
Sorry for the delayed, related my dns cache problem :(.

My WordPress.com cache DNS Problem

Sorry for my belated posting.
It likely i got problem with wordpress.com.
Since yesterday, i can’t access my site.
First I thought it’s being upgrading.
Then i realized that otehr wp.com work fine (eric, faq, enda, etc).
But when i still can’t access my page, also matt.wordpress.com
So I thought it’s still being upgrading.
Other possibility perhaps some wrong with theme, which also matt use if i not wrong.
But this morning i saw other page with use same theme working.
I even thought, perhaps they banned my account.

But this morning, it has been solved. It’s


It look like pipit.wordpress.com pointed to (old server?).
The new server should be

Arrgh …….. !
Sorry for the trouble !

WordPress.com is upgrading

From the main web site

We’re doing some upgrades today, so don’t poke your blogs too hard.

So please be patient.
Perhaps my tips for reload yesterday is just coincident.

Hope they finished it asap and give us more info about new features.

Reinstall wordpress.com? Try Reload !

Some hour ago, when i visit *.wordpress.com, it just show :

“It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet. Try running install.php.”

But after i do reload, it reloaded. So, press reload if it not work.

Perhaps they upgrade the system πŸ™‚

Update 14:59 PM WIB (GMT +7) sometime it work, sometime it not :(.